Get to Know the Best Locations to Buy Property in Noida

Get to Know the Best Location to Buy Property in Noida

For someone who wants to invest in the Delhi NCR region, Noida is considered the best choice. It not only offers modernized infrastructure but provides luxury at best deals. It has been in high demand for the past few years due to its sound infrastructure and prime location. From metro connectivity to upcoming infra projects, Noida is at a boom phase among investors. Although, picking the best area between the top locations to buy property in Noida is still a complex decision to make.  

For this, we have curated a list of some of the top areas you must watch out for; if you want or decide to invest in the Noida location.  

1 – Sector 150

With an immense number of upscale developments and good connectivity, this area is an ideal choice for your investment. Its location is at the crossing of Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and the Yamuna Expressway. It consists of properties ready to move in, buying, leasing or under-construction. Owing to its good connectivity this location is considered a prominent choice among buyers. Many properties are still on their way to get developed; hence there is a wide scope for investment.

2- Sector 49

This sector is at the Main Dadri road, connecting some of the main localities of the city like sectors 18 and 37. The area gets surrounded by some posh localities, including Sector 50 and 53. It has access to some of the significant social and retail infrastructure. Consequently, the location is linked with Blue line Metro, joining the vicinity with some main parts of Delhi. Three metro stations namely Noida Sector 50, Wave City Center, & Sector 76 are the focal point of linkage to Delhi NCR.

3- Sector 143

Located near the proximity of Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, this sector has gained popularity, due to some new projects launched in this location. While this sector consists of a number of commercial and retail outlets, people here have access to develop social infra, in contrast to other areas on this corridor. Having metro connectivity through Aqua Line; residential developments gets significant attention from home buyers, who are seeking to buy property for self-use. Residential projects like Sikka Karnam Greens & Kaamna Greens are already have set marks with their solid infra for residential properties.

4- Sector 140

This sector is popular due to the launch of multiple new projects. Many big developers like Bhutani Infra have their upcoming projects in this sector. For Instance- considering the commercial properties such as Bhutani Alphathum & Cyberthum which are one of the finest projects coming in the vicinity. With modernized and unique infrastructure, this sector is considered to hit its boom phase in the forthcoming years.

5- Sector 137

Among the most popular sectors of the city, Sector 137 is known for its connectivity. It is well-connected with the Aqua Line metro station and is near to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. Besides this, many new properties having posh amenities and new infrastructure facilities are also available.

6- Sector 50

It is one of the high society areas of Noida having the most lavish properties open for buying and end-use. Most of the sector consists of multi-storey house projects, with apartments of the distinct price range. Along with good connectivity with Noida City Centre Metro Station, it is also near to Logix City Centre Mall. Big shopping markets and Supermarkets are the highlights of the proximity, making the sector the preferable choice for investment.  

7- Sector 121

With many upcoming new projects in Noida, this location is on its way to sound infrastructure and progress. Many properties at an affordable price are available in this vicinity. An investor with a limited budget can look out for this location for investment purposes. The area is connected to Delhi Metro blue line, making it easy for office people to commute daily. Hence, with an affordable range and convenience, this place is best for buying a property in Noida.

Over to you!

Besides the above-listed areas Sector- 73, 79 and 128 are also some of the best options for buying a property in Noida. Yet, no matter which area you select, always look out for favourable points- affordability and convenience. 

Moreover, making a decision related to property is important, and we are well aware of its significance. Buying property is a complex process but can be achieved effectively with experts\’ help.

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