M3M The Line in Sector 72 – Perfect Blend of Commercial and Residential Project In Noida!

Welcome to M3M The Line, a 3-acre haven in the heart of Sector 72, Noida. This upcoming project offers a total area of 8.70 lakh sq. ft., featuring retail and studio spaces. Here’s your guide to what makes M3M The Line the place to be!

Prime Location:

Situated on a three-sided open plot, M3M The Line ensures connectivity and visibility. Plus, with 50% of the shops facing the main road, businesses get the spotlight they deserve.

Residential Comfort:

M3M the Line introduces 400 Studio/Loft apartments across 23 floors, with sizes ranging from 865 to 1205 sq ft. The 5th-floor club adds a touch of luxury, and the dedicated lobby ensures privacy and convenience.

Retail Buzz:

The retail segment, spread across G+5 floors, houses 374 shops. Ground floor offers double-height shops (1500-3000 sqft) and single-height shops (600-1000 sq.ft.), creating a dynamic shopping experience. Upper floors feature single-height shops and enticing restaurants/food courts.

Amenities Galore:

M3M The Line goes beyond spaces; it’s a lifestyle. A club on the 5th floor, modern infrastructure, and thoughtful design create a holistic living experience.

Sizes that Suit:

Whether you’re looking for a cozy studio or a spacious retail spot, M3M the Linehas sizes to match every need.


M3M the Line is not just a property; it’s a vision of modern living. With a strategic location, practical design, and a mix of residential and retail spaces, it sets a new standard. Welcome to a space where every square foot is designed for your comfort and success. Embrace the future at M3M The Line.

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