Effective Methods for Determining Your House’s Facing Direction


Choosing the right facing direction for your home is essential according to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. It influences your well-being, luck, and overall harmony. Here\’s a simple guide to help you determine the best facing direction for your house:

1. Stand at the Entrance:

Begin by standing at the entrance or front door of your home. This is where you\’ll evaluate the orientation of the house.

2. Use a Compass:

Use a compass to accurately determine the direction your property faces. Hold the compass level to find North, which will help you identify South, East, and West.

3. Observe Your Facing Direction:

While at the entrance, observe the direction you face when looking outward from your home.

4. Cross-Check from Different Points:

Confirm the facing direction by checking from different points within your home.

Importance of House Facing Direction in Vastu:

  • Vastu associates each direction with an element and deity, impacting your family\’s well-being. Living in alignment with these elements brings positive benefits, while misalignment can lead to financial and health issues.

Best House Facing Directions in Vastu:

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the favorable directions are east, northeast, and north.

Five Elements in Vastu:

  • Vastu considers air, fire, water, earth, and space as the Panchabhutas, representing energies influencing our lives.

Role of Directions in Choosing a Home:

  • Directions act as channels of energy into your home. Aligning your property with favorable directions ensures a flow of positive energy, promoting prosperity and well-being.

Choosing Main Entrance Direction:

  • North or Northeast: Considered auspicious for attracting wealth.
  • East: Associated with the rising sun, symbolizing energy and positivity.
  • Northwest: Welcomes health and prosperity, but may lead to the head of the family spending more time away.
  • West: Brings in wealth and positive energies associated with the setting sun.

Directions to Avoid:

  • South, Southeast, and Southwest are to be avoided, especially for the main entrance, as they may lead to disagreements and negative energies.

Remedies for South-Facing Homes:

  • Place Hanuman-themed tiles, lead pyramids, helix, and use specific metals and gems to counter negative energy.

Tips for Choosing Entrance Direction:

  • Ensure the entrance is aesthetically appealing and uncluttered.
  • Use wood for the main door, and choose materials based on the property\’s orientation.
  • Decorate with religious symbols and maintain silence while opening or closing doors.

Ideal Living Room Direction:

  • North and east are ideal for positive energies.
  • Preferred wall colors: green, white, blue, and yellow.
  • Door should face north or east.

Ideal Bedroom Direction:

  • Southwest is ideal for tranquility.
  • Avoid southeast and northeast.
  • Bed placement, no beams over the bed, and sleeping orientation matter for positive energy.

Ideal Pooja Room Direction:

  • East, north, or northeast is recommended.
  • Roof shaped like a pyramid for positive energy.

Ideal Kitchen Direction:

  • Southeast or northwest is ideal.
  • Stove facing southeast, avoid placing sink near the stove.

Ideal Bathroom Direction:

  • Northwest or west-facing is recommended.
  • Avoid east or northeast directions.

Following these guidelines can help create a balanced and harmonious living environment according to Vastu Shastra principles.

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