Know 7 important factors while Investing in Commercial Property in Noida

Know 7 important factors while Investing in Commercial Property in Noida
An investment plan can be as simple as saving in a bank or as intensive as trading in the stock market. Considering the complexity of any form of investment, the time and efforts are equally expanded. However, investing in real estate is an ideal option for people that are seeking to invest for a longer span of time. Just like with any other kind of investment, the buyer or investors should go deep into the factors that are crucial for commercial property. Therefore, here are the top factors that every buyer should consider before making plans to invest in commercial property. 


Location indeed plays a crucial role in investing in any commercial property in Noida. The same factor is applied to both residential as well as commercial real estate. Many factors such as accessibility via roads, railroads, highways, and proximity to different social institutions can make or break the value of the asset. For instance, for people that are seeking to have office spaces in Noida, then Bhutani Alphathum would be an ideal option to consider. The project consists of excellent office space well-connected with other parts of Noida and provides best-in-class amenities for its people. It is necessary to keep a check on the micro-markets around the desired property. Thus, the location of the property becomes important as it can decide the performance of an asset and how much it can appreciate over the course of time.

Dynamics of the Market

Commercial real estate indeed has safer growth and does not get affected by the same market as most other traditional investment options. However, factors such as changes in the vacancy rate, the rentals and the stability of the occupancy do influence the property. For instance, with the arrival of COVID-19 pandemics, most people were forced to adopt a home-based working atmosphere instead of an actual office space. Therefore, keeping track of events in businesses which might affect the economy is great to decide which commercial real estate asset is best.

Documentation process

People that are seeking to invest in commercial properties should consider getting help from an advisor. As the documentation process will involve a lot of legal paperwork, an advisor would be able to check for any hidden charges, ambiguous ownership clauses, and more. For people that are planning to have a REIT or fractional ownership way to get into CRE, almost every factor can be taken care of by the advisory team that is handling the investment, sale or resale of the assets. 


Many factors related to tenancy, such as the financial condition of the existing tenants and their active terms, could affect the viability of the property. These factors could tell how long the investment would survive and be beneficial for the investor. It is recommended to go through historical data about the lease terms and vacancies, which will help to understand the gap in tenancy during the period of investment. 


Commercial properties can become a great investment if people know how to plan the right strategy. There are many things to consider before making an investment plan, and following the above-mentioned factors would be a great idea to start. As commercial properties are usually preferred for long term investment, it is crucial to be patient and cautious during the whole process.

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