Know 7 important factors while Investing in Commercial Property in Noida

Know 7 important factors while Investing in Commercial Property in Noida

An investment plan can be as simple as saving in a bank or as intensive as trading in the stock market. Considering the complexity of any form of investment, the time and efforts are equally expanded. However, investing in real estate is an ideal option for people that are seeking to invest for a longer span of time. Just like with any other kind of investment, the buyer or investors should go deep into...

Assured Returns Vs Pre-Rented Property – Where to Invest?

Nowadays, Assured Return is becoming a more popular concept in the real estate industry along with pre-rented properties. When it comes to an assured return, an investor earns a certain amount of interest which is decided by the developer of the project. However, investors in pre-leased properties continue to earn steady income since the day the property was leased out for sale. Judging by these two forms...

Is Pre-Leased Property Investment Safe in 2022?

Are pre-leased properties safe for investment in the present scenario? Pre-leased properties offer a fixed return on investment (ROI) in comparison to other investment options such as bonds and fixed deposits. However, the rate of return or capital appreciation generally depends upon the location of the project and development taking place in the vicinity. Due to all these factors, the returns on an...

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