Top 10 Leading Corporate Investments in Commercial Property in Greater Noida

Top 10 Leading Corporate Investments in Commercial Property in Greater Noida

Greater Noida, located in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, has emerged as a thriving business hub in recent years. Some companies Like Lulu Mall Management, which invested Rs 2500 crore, Adani Group, which has invested Rs 5000 crore, MBM India Private Limited, which has invested Rs 7500 crore, and Injika, which has invested Rs 4300 crore. Theme County Private Limited, Clear Lake Pvt Ltd, Godrej Property Ltd, Fairfox Infra Pvt Ltd, Rose Berry State LLP, and Theme County Pvt Ltd are investing a total of Rs 4000 crore, Rs 3200 crore, Rs 2400 crore, Rs 2000 crore, and Rs 1800 crore respectively. Companies worth Rs 1200 crore are featured in Canciller Consultancy. In this article, we will explore the top 10 leading corporate investments in commercial property in Greater Noida, highlighting the significant developments that have shaped the region\’s corporate landscape.

Lulu Management Mall:

Lulu Management Mall, a large retail business, has made investment in Greater Noida, India. 12.5 acres of property will be given to the Lulu Group by the Noida Authority. More than Rs 2500 crore would be invested, creating thousands of jobs. A five-star hotel will be operating in the Lulu Group’s mall in Noida, Delhi-NCR, the UAE-based conglomerate has announced. This strategic move aims to capitalise on the region’s thriving real estate market and rapidly expanding urban landscape. Lulu Management Mall’s investment promises to introduce a world-class shopping experience, featuring a diverse range of international and local brands. With its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to customer satisfaction, the mall is set to become a landmark destination, further boosting Greater Noida’s reputation as a vibrant commercial hub.

Adani Group:

The Adani Group is a renowned conglomerate operating in various sectors, including infrastructure, energy, logistics, and more. The Adani Group has requested 700 acres near the Noida international airport from the UP government in order to build an industrial and warehousing complex. The infrastructure and industrial development department received a letter from Vikram Jaisinghani, the MD and CEO of Adani Logistics, proposing a Rs 5,500 crore investment that could create 21,000 direct jobs and 42,000 indirect ones. In Greater Noida, the group has made significant contributions to the region\’s development. They have been instrumental in establishing state-of-the-art industrial parks, residential projects, and commercial complexes. Adani Group\’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality has enabled them to create a positive impact on the local economy while providing employment opportunities and enhancing the overall infrastructure of Greater Noida.

M3M India Private Limited:

Real estate company M3M India paid Rs 250 crore for three acres of property in Noida and would spend an additional Rs 350 crore to build a complex including retail space and studio apartments. This project would be developed at Sector 72 in Noida for a total investment of Rs 600 to Rs 700 crore. With a focus on creating luxurious and innovative projects, M3M India has carved a niche for itself in the industry. The company\’s portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, characterised by exceptional design, world-class amenities, and sustainable practices. M3M India is committed to delivering excellence and has gained a reputation for its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.


Injika Investments, a prominent financial firm, has made the investment of INR 43 billion in the Greater Noida region. With a keen focus on real estate and infrastructure development, Injika Investments has catalysed economic growth and attracted numerous opportunities. Through strategic partnerships and visionary planning, the company has fostered the establishment of commercial and residential projects, enhancing the city\’s skyline and providing a thriving environment for businesses and residents alike. Injika Investments continues to drive progress in Greater Noida, contributing to its transformation into a dynamic and prosperous urban center.

Clear Lake Pvt Ltd:

Clear Lake Pvt Ltd has recently made a Rs 40 billion investment in Greater Noida. With a forward-looking approach, Clear Lake Pvt Ltd recognizes the immense potential of the booming real estate market in this region. Their investment aims to capitalise on the rapid urbanisation and infrastructure development in Greater Noida, offering promising opportunities for long-term growth. Clear Lake Pvt Ltd\’s strategic investment aligns with their commitment to fostering economic development and generating substantial returns for their stakeholders in the vibrant city of Greater Noida.

Theme County Private Limited:

Theme County Private Limited is a prominent investment company that has made Rs 32 billion in Greater Noida. With a focus on real estate development, they have undertaken numerous projects to enhance the city\’s infrastructure and economy. Their investments have contributed to the construction of residential and commercial properties, creating employment opportunities and attracting businesses to the area. Through their strategic vision and commitment to excellence, Theme County Private Limited has played a pivotal role in shaping Greater Noida\’s growth and prosperity.

Godrej Property Ltd:

Godrej Properties Ltd. paid the local government Rs 377 crore in an auction to buy two land plots for a residential development in Noida, India. With a vision to provide world-class residential and commercial spaces, Godrej Properties aims to transform the real estate landscape in the region. Leveraging their expertise in design, innovation, and sustainability, the company is committed to delivering exceptional projects that cater to the evolving needs of homebuyers and businesses. Through this investment, Godrej Properties seeks to contribute to the growth and development of Greater Noida, creating a vibrant and thriving community for its residents.

Fairfox Infra Pvt Ltd:

 Fairfox Infra Pvt Ltd has invested Rs 20 billion in Greater Noida. With a strong presence in the region, Fairfox Infra specialises in the development and construction of residential and commercial projects. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery has earned them a solid reputation. By employing innovative designs, advanced construction techniques, and sustainable practices, Fairfox Infra strives to create architectural marvels that exceed customer expectations. They aim to contribute significantly to the urban development of Greater Noida and provide exceptional real estate solutions to their clients.

Roseberry Estate LLP:

A well-known Greater Noida-based developer of homes is Roseberry Estate LLP that has invested Rs 20 billion. They have a solid reputation in the field and are experts for creating luxurious homes and businesses. Their area of specialisation is in creating high-quality projects that combine contemporary architecture with useful amenities. Roseberry Estate LLP is dedicated to providing excellence and client fulfilment. They work hard to design living and working spaces that satisfy the many demands of people, earning them a solid reputation in the real estate industry.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS):

TCS, a global leader in IT services and consulting, has invested Rs 2300 cr. in Greater Noida. Their expansive campus serves as a technology hub, housing multiple business units and providing employment opportunities for local talent.


The rapid growth of Greater Noida as a commercial destination can be attributed to the significant investments made by various corporate giants. The city\’s strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and favourable investment climate have attracted renowned companies across sectors. These investments have not only contributed to the region\’s economic growth but have also created employment opportunities for the local workforce. As Greater Noida continues to evolve as a business hub, these leading corporate investments will play a crucial role in shaping its future and solidifying its position as a prime commercial destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the largest commercial real estate owner?

The largest commercial real estate owner was Blackstone Group, a multinational private equity firm based in the United States.

Is it good to invest in commercial property in Noida?

Investing in commercial property in Noida is a good opportunity. The Noida is growing infrastructure, expanding commercial sector, and increasing demand make it a favourable location for potential returns on investment. 

Which sector is best for investment in Greater Noida?

The residential real estate sector in Greater Noida has shown promising growth and is considered a favourable sector for investment due to its increasing demand and potential for appreciation.

Which commercial property is most profitable?

Properties with high demand and higher number of tenants considering the most profitable commercial property. It also depends on various factors such as demand, Location, rates, and potential for appreciation.

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