Noida & Greater Noida: The Next Big Retail Hub of India

Noida & Greater Noida: The Next Big Retail Hub of India

Investing your hard-earned money is always tricky. As, one needs to look at many factors like price, infra, location and quality. But the main limelight point is always going to be your location. And for retail investment- Noida is the best shot.

Why only Noida? For this, we will walk you through some key highlights of Noida as to why this city is an attractive option for your retail space investment.

What\’s Great About Noida?

Noida has always been the ideal hotspot for investment. Now, people are keen to invest more in commercial and retail spaces in Noida due to its sound infra and good connectivity to some of the key Delhi NCR areas. Consequently being a smart city, it has an excellent strategic location and planned development which in coming years will prove fruitful for investors. 

The proximity of national and global brands in Noida makes it a star market destination for retail. Contradictory to other overcrowded NCR cities, Noida is more well-built and spacious with maintained roads. The developing infra such as Metro plans, residential and commercial real estate projects, expressways & road projects for seamless connectivity, has drawn a line of major differences from other cities.

Here are some of the key points due to which you must invest in Noida for your retail space:

1 -Defined & Organised Infrastructure

Noida Infrastructure differs from other cities in many aspects. Drawing out the official sources 3.79% is reserved for commercial spaces which might be less from other cities but comparatively a better and enhanced strategy for boosting the commercial & retail sector. How?

  • Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Authority are the only authorities that work strategically according to the defined master plan at and around Delhi NCR.
  • Comparatively, in other cities like Gurgaon, there is no defined infrastructure that leads to sewerage and drainage problems during the rainy season, which often gained the attention of national media.
  • The Noida Authority first make sound support infrastructure in the area which will be devoted to commercial with respect to better roads, strong base, retail segments, infrastructure, drainage system and many more. Afterwards, the land gets reserved for commercial space according to the master plan making it a golden & enhanced strategic location for investors.
  • In other cities, change of land use is allowed by giving charges for the same, however, Noida, Gr. Noida and Yamuna Authority strictly prohibits change of land use. For Instance– Lajpat Nagar once known as a residential area face problems like traffic jams and waterlogging due to its conversion to commercial space.
  • Noida is inhabited by many families which makes the demand for commercial space high in contrast to the supply of dedicated commercial land by the Authority. Now, this, in turn, paves a better opportunity as the price for commercial land gets increased along with ample space availability at better locations.

2 -Upcoming Jewar International Airport

The announcement of Jewar International Airport brings countless opportunities for commercial & retail development. The completion of this project will embark on the increase in the value of real estate properties in Noida. Also, people of Noida and Greater Noida don’t have to travel to Delhi to board flights, the Yamuna expressway airport, thus, boost the convivence factor of the city.  

This advancement will give impetus to the growth of commercial & retail property in Noida and Greater Noida, especially along the Yamuna Expressway. Furthermore, the project is likely to attract many multinational companies and generate new job opportunities, which has been one of the primary downsides for Noida’s housing market.

3 – Improved & New Metro Lines:

Noida is constantly striving the introduce new metro lines to improve connectivity with Delhi NCR. Many new lines are under construction for this purpose along with the launch of several new metro stations. The initiate of metro projects invites the growth of the retail sector in Noida, as the convenience factor highlights the ease of people to access retail spaces.

For instance- The start of the Aqua Line Metro of the Noida, having 21 stations from Noida Sector 51 to Greater Noida Depot, has also amplified connectivity. The authority has also planned to boost further the connectivity through the start of new metro projects.

4- Expressway Advanatage:

 The Noida expressway project gives many advantages to the Noida real estate. According to CBRE, it is the 2nd biggest market for leasing out commercial & retail property. Add-on benefits like:

  • More than 500K inhabitants.
  • More than 100K vehicles using the highway every day.
  • More than 100K new homes by 2023.

5- MNC Target

The quality and affordable residential prospects available here make Noida a profitable business destination. MNC likes Headstrong, Sapient, Finserv, EXL Services, IBM, Adobe System are permanently based in Noida. Surrounded by MNC\’s the retail sector is likely to boom with much greater appreciation.

Consequently, in future, many big IT companies in Gurgoan will head for a shift in Noida. Making the headlines and criticised by the media- Gurgaon has now passed a bill stating 75% of jobs in the private sector are reserved for the state job seekers. Big IT firms like Deloitte which once import manpower from Noida & Delhi will find it much hard to comply with this provision.  As a result, companies looking for location change will definitely shift to Noida due to its connectivity to Delhi NCR, sound and cheaper infra & ample space.

6- DMIC- Uttar Pradesh ( Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor)

As a devoted freight corridor will commence from Greater Noida (Bodaki)- It is a planned industrial development project between Delhi & Mumbai cutting the distance between two major cities. It will provide smooth logistics between two cities, thus will attract many FMCG and companies dealing regularly in exchanging of goods between major cities. This unique freight corridor provides high-speed connectivity to (25 tons) high axle load wagons of double-stacked containers assisted by high power locomotives.

7- Connectivity

Noida is a strategic and planned location offering connectivity to Delhi, Gurgaon, Agra, Faridabad, & Ghaziabad. Eastern Expressway, Delhi-Lucknow & Agra Expressway are the major source of connectivity. People find it easier to commute to Noida with its seamless connectivity to major cities, owing to which, companies preferred Noida & Greater Noida as their location.

8- Abundant Talented & Fresh Manpower

Noida is filled with Big universities like Gautam Budh University, Amity, Shardha offering the best opportunities for companies to grab the fresh manpower at the least cost. Likewise, the growing residential areas make Noida a star location for companies to recruit experienced and talented professionals.

9- Master Plan 2021

The Master Plan 2041 approval by the NCR Planning Board & the commencement of Budget 2021-22 promises many advancements that confirms a promising realty growth in the location.


Further, with the rolling out of Jewar Airport, DMIC, Eastern Expressway and other big projects, there will be a certain surge in Noida retail property prices in the long run. Hence, keeping in mind the above factors, Noida is the best choice if you are up to retail investments.

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