Benefits of Investing in Pre-Leased Commercial Properties in Sector 127, Noida

Over the past few years, Sector 127 has started booming once again after the temporary pause due to Covid-19. The area has been witnessing great demand for pre-leased commercial properties, as it provides great stable income annually. Many investors including (ultra-high-net-worth individuals), businessmen, and homeowners are realizing the true potential of pre-leased properties. A study showed that almost...

Benefits of Co-working offices in Personal and Professional Life

Over the past few years, coworking spaces in Noida have gained great popularity among small- and large-scale businesses. From an increase in collaboration opportunities to cost-saving, these coworking office spaces work perfectly as an ideal office for professionals. People would be able to get their work done, network with good associates, and could create a great local business community. There are many...

Is Pre-Leased Property Investment Safe in 2022?

Are pre-leased properties safe for investment in the present scenario? Pre-leased properties offer a fixed return on investment (ROI) in comparison to other investment options such as bonds and fixed deposits. However, the rate of return or capital appreciation generally depends upon the location of the project and development taking place in the vicinity. Due to all these factors, the returns on an...

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