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Reasons Why Co-Working Space is Increasing in Noida

Reasons Why Co-Working Space is Increasing in Noida

Did you know? Many cities around India such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru have the highest percentage of shares for many Co-working offices. Considering the demand, almost 70% of the startups are based in these cities as well. Commercial properties in Noida have always tried to introduce an approach to help different startups\' cultures and entrepreneurship in the city. As a result, Co-working spaces...

7 Tips to Know Before Buying a Pre-Leased Property in Sector 127, Noida

7 Tips to Know Before Buying a Pre-Leased Property in Sector 127, Noida

Many pre-leased properties in Sector 127 have a healthy potential to grow, owing to the fast-paced growth of the economy. As the demand for pre-leased commercial spaces is spiking in Noida, investors must have a complete understanding of certain factors including location, rentals and design of the property. Pre-leased properties remain one of the strong beneficiaries of Noida, as many Fortune 500...

Benefits of Investing in Pre-Leased Commercial Properties in Sector 127, Noida

Over the past few years, Sector 127 has started booming once again after the temporary pause due to Covid-19. The area has been witnessing great demand for pre-leased commercial properties, as it provides great stable income annually. Many investors including (ultra-high-net-worth individuals), businessmen, and homeowners are realizing the true potential of pre-leased properties. A study showed that almost...

Is Pre-Leased Property Investment Safe in 2022?

Are pre-leased properties safe for investment in the present scenario? Pre-leased properties offer a fixed return on investment (ROI) in comparison to other investment options such as bonds and fixed deposits. However, the rate of return or capital appreciation generally depends upon the location of the project and development taking place in the vicinity. Due to all these factors, the returns on an...

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