Best 5 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Noida

Best 5 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Noida

As one of the NCR areas closest to Delhi, Noida has always been a popular choice for property buyers and investors. Despite facing stiff competition from hot-selling property locations such as Gurgaon, NH-24, Raj Nagar expansion, and others, Noida continues to attract many property purchasers.

While Noida Real Estate declined a little during the lockdown, it is now recovering at the highest rate like all other regions. It\’s time to invest in Noida if you want to make a lot of money; if you want more information, keep reading:

World-class planning and infrastructure

Noida is one of the most well-planned cities in the country. With the Yamuna Expressway as its crown route, it has world-class road infrastructure. The Yamuna Expressway is a world-class roadway, and all of the city\’s sector roads are also fairly broad. There are numerous parks, world-class hospitals, international schools, and other amenities.

The city\’s futuristic transportation involves the extension of metro lines, as well as greenery. Many people who have visited Greater Noida have remarked on how well-planned the town is. Greater Noida is Asia\’s first city where a 30-year plan has already been completed before construction begins. As a result, the Noida expansion will undoubtedly feature world-class infrastructure.

Return On Investment

Greater Noida can provide a good return on investment based on the current developments in the area. At the moment, there is a significant pricing differential between Gurgaon, Noida, and Greater Noida.

However, with anticipated infrastructure and government measures, the disparity will narrow dramatically in the following years. This could be the best moment to invest in Noida and Greater Noida because real estate prices are expected to rise.

Simplified Property Registration Process

The Noida Real Estate Regulatory Authority plans to simplify the entire property registration procedure now that the Real Estate Regulations Act has been implemented across the country. While it used to be that registering property in Noida was a difficult task, the city\’s officials are now enacting new rules and regulatory laws to make property registration in Noida swift and painless.

The government has authorised online property registration in several of Noida\’s real estate hotspots, making everything even faster and easier. Those looking to invest in Noida real estate can quickly and conveniently file the necessary documents online and have their property registered.

Growing Commercial Sector

There are numerous career chances in Noida and Noida Extension these days. A considerable number of IT and ITES offices have established themselves in the city and several large corporations, increasing job prospects. Following the completion of the Jewar airport, all MNCs will have the option of settling in Noida and Greater Noida, improving job prospects.

Furthermore, there is a knowledge park in Greater Noida West on the one hand and a Formula 1 track on the Yamuna Expressway on the other. With the anticipated metro connection to Greater Noida, several IT businesses would undoubtedly be drawn to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and Greater Noida to establish offices and reap the benefits of this excellent physical infrastructure.

High Appreciation

Real estate in Noida has traditionally been appreciated faster than other assets in the past. This is especially true if modifications to commercial real estate may be made at a reasonable cost. Because you will upgrade the real estate, it will be more appealing for investment, increasing the value of your assets.

Moreover, investing in Noida\’s commercial real estate has emerged as a safer option than residential real estate. This is because the property provides positive monthly returns in the form of consistent cash flow from rent. This means that you, as an investor, are not entirely reliant on property appreciation for profit in the long run.

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